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5 h
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# Localities and their surroundings

Get to know the Balozi-Riga railway section and the swamp train

Peat extraction in Medems swamp has not been going on for a long time. However, very little of the peat train road has survived to this day. We will follow the tracks of the former railway sections and look for the peat train and places that have remained untouched or difficult to find.

We will see Tiraine formation history closely connected with the swamp. We will see Medems swamp and learn more about the swamp formation processes and peat extraction. Along the railway line Riga-Jelgava, we will see a number of Riga neighbourhoods. We will get acquainted with the history of railway stations, learn where the only Estonian school in Latvia is located and many other interesting facts.

Shortly after the World War II, Balozi peat factory has been built in the middle of the vast Medems peat bog between the sand dunes by German prisoners of war. Today, there is a narrow-gauge railway preserved by enthusiasts with 2.5 km of old rail track.

Meeting point is at the bus stop “Balozi”.

Address: Rigas iela 6, Balozi.

Bus 23 runs between Balozi and Riga.

You can ride the historic peat train in Balozi several days a year on specific dates.

An umbrella or a raincoat, spare shoes or socks may come in handy – there will be various coverings. There will be wet places and dirt.

Take snacks and drinks with you. Shops and amenities will be hard to find.

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