17 km
5 h
Bez vecuma ierobežojuma
# Latvian nature and coastline
# Thematic hikes


Lacupite cannot be found on almost any map of Riga. From time to time the river is completely hidden in nature, and in some places we suddenly see it. During the trip, the river will often be under our feet.

We start the trip from the Sky store (Karla Ulmana gatve 122, Riga).

We will end the trip in Ilguciems.

There are no specific requirements to clothing. An umbrella or a raincoat, spare shoes or socks may come in handy – there will be various coverings.

Take snacks and drinks for lunch with you. Shops will be available almost everywhere.

Wish to organize
a special hike?

I specialize in individual hike organisation. Do remember that hiking is a great opportunity to get active, to experience the magic of nature and new adventures, as well as to expand your knowledge of geography, geology, history and biology.