12 km
5 h
No age limit
Latvian language
# Abandoned sites and military heritage

Military aviation facilities and the history of Airport Riga

Various stories have been heard that planes went on distant secret missions from Skulte, spies were operating in the vicinity of the Airport Riga. Let’s follow in their footsteps.

We will see Marupe communication bunker and water tower, the longest shooting range in the Baltics, an abandoned mink farm and other old military, non-military and other sites, about which I will tell interesting stories. We will also get to the place where the planes take off and land right overhead.

Let’s meet at the bus 25 stop “Marupe” (Rozu iela 2, Marupe). It is convenient to park the car here, and we will finish the event in Skulte.

You can get from Skulte to Riga by bus 43 (public transport is not available between Skulte and Marupe).

There are no special requirements for clothing. An umbrella or raincoat may come in handy, spare shoes or socks as well – we will walk on roads with different surfaces.

Take a lunch snack and drinks with you, we will have a picnic in a comfortable place in Skulte immediately after the end of the hike.
Shops will be available at the beginning and end of the hike.
There won’t be much facilities along the way.
Torches may be useful for darker rooms, and binoculars – for trying to peer into the cockpit of an airplane.

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