15 km
6 h
# Marupes county

River Nerina

There is evidence that in 1938 some owner wanted to arrange something similar to the Dutch tulip fields on the banks of River Nerina. In those days, Nerina waters were higher than the surrounding plain.

We will visit Jaunmarupe and Pinki. We will enjoy nature along the way.

It is advisable to wear clothes you are not afraid to soil, and don’t forget about mosquitoes. Spare shoes or socks are recommended. There may be wet places and puddles near River Nerina. An umbrella or a raincoat may also come in handy. There will be heavy-going sections with thicket.

Take snacks and drinks with you for lunch, a picnic break will be on the banks of River Nerina, depending on wishes. No shops will be available.

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