10 km
4 h
# Abandoned sites and military heritage

Torchlight trip to Mangalsala bunkers

A wreck of a reinforced concrete ship is seen near the coast of Mangalsala, which hides many urban legends. There are a lot of mysterious underground structures in the forest where bats live and you can get lost in large underground tunnels. We will look for secret entrances to the bunkers and set off in the footsteps of evidence left by Swedish, Russian, German and Latvian soldiers. We will not do without scary tales.

We will see abandoned underwater torpedoes and Soviet ammunition depots, large and small bunkers, an underground tunnel and other historical sites.

Let’s meet at the bus 24 stop “Stavvadu iela”, there is a large parking lot nearby (we will return here at the end of the trip).

The educational trip takes place in Green Mode, produce your certificates!

During the trip we can provide filled torches. Price of one torch is EUR 2.

It is advisable to wear clothes you are not afraid to soil. Puddles may be in underground structures – spare shoes or socks are recommended. An umbrella or a raincoat may also come in handy.

Take snacks and drinks with you. Flashlights for dark premises.

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