Riga, Birzes street 2, Daugavgrivas cietoksnis
20 km
Point to point
# Abandoned sites and military heritage

Daugavgrīvas fortress and hike around Daugavgrīvas island

Not so long ago, during the war, submarines often entered these waters and stopped to refill their resources. The sailors went ashore and gained strength for the next round. It is rumoured that the stolen jewels are hidden in one of the bunkers. Who knows, maybe we’ll find something.

We will discover – the Daugavgriva fortress, abandoned army units and bunkers, the pier, the Kometfort dam…. and I, Mikelis, will tell you many interesting stories.

The meeting point is at the entrance to the Daugavgriva fortress, Birzes street 2, Riga. There are parking lots nearby.
The nearest bus stop is “Daugavgrīvas cietoksnis”. We will finish the hike to Vakarbuli, you can return to the Daugavgrivas fortress by bus.

There are no special requirements for clothing. An umbrella or raincoat, spare shoes or socks may come in handy, – our route will pass along roads with different surfaces. Some places can be slippery and muddy. A strong wind often blows here.

Take snacks and drinks with you, we will have a snack walking along the seashore.
There are no shops along this route, and amenities are also difficult to access.

Torches may be useful for dark rooms, binoculars – for birdwatching in the area.

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