Trip to Jaunmarupe vicinity

On Saturday, 12 September, a trip took place to Jaunmarupe vicinity. This was already the last trip out of six in the cycle of events “Explore the Greater Riga”.

We started the trip at the oldest building in Marupe Municipality – the Svarcenieks’ estate. On the way to the oldest golf course in Latvia, Viesturi, we talked about the history of Jaunmarupe formation. While we were visiting the golf course, we had the opportunity to learn interesting facts about the history of golf in Latvia and the rules of the game. In the vicinity of Bozu reservoir, we have seen places related to the World War I.

During the trip, we had an opportunity to test our knowledge of the tourist sites in the Greater Riga by playing a specially designed game. The trip was organized by the guide of Marupe Municipality, Mikelis Jakunovs (Facebook: TravelwithMikelis). The length of the trip was 18 km.

Within the framework of the LEADER cooperation project Tourism Together, a number of outdoor objects have been installed in six municipalities of Greater Riga. A cycle of trips is organized for the purpose of popularizing these objects and an outdoor object will be visited on this route – the Four-Leaf Clover. It has been considered a lucky finding since ancient times. The legend has it that finding a Four-Leaf Clover means that good luck is expected. Happiness for the one who finds a four-leaf clover. A large-format photo frame was also installed within the framework of the project at the Jaunmarupe Primary School (Mazcenu aleja 3, Jaunmarupe). It is installed in a special place in Marupe Municipality opposite the oldest building of the municipality and the only architectural monument of local importance – Svarcenieks’ estate, symbolically “framing” this building.